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Visioning for Fencers

Visioning is a mental training method  that has proven successful in increasing a wide range of elements in athlete performance.  It is used in training athletes in professional sports and in training elite athletes in high-level competition.  If it works for them it can and will work for you and your athletes. 
To vision, close your eyes, relax, and mentally put yourself on the strip at a tournament you have attended, any tournament, club, division, North American Cup, Pan American championships, etc. See the surroundings, see the strip, see your opponent, hear the sounds (the scoring machine, the referee, and yes even the screaming), smell the fear, use all of your senses to put yourself in the here and now of that strip.  The richer and more accurate the visual experience, the better the training.
Set aside time each day to do visioning.  At first it may be hard work to maintain focus and not allow outside thoughts or distractions to take you off task.  If you do this seriously, every day, it will make a difference in your performance.